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Sidsel Rosen - Norway

“The happiness hormones, the endorphines, the serotonin have been spread throughout my body during this menopause project. I dance every day now.”

“I decided to join this project firstly because I have always loved dancing and having turned 64, I was really afraid that I couldn’t enjoy this discipline anymore. This was due to the arthritis, the osteoporosis, the hip surgery, the nowhere to go to dance in my age, the social expectation of a 64-year-old lady to behave stereotypically.”

“Well, the best feeling of all now is the joy of living. And, having less pain, through dancing, my creativity is flourishing.”

“Lovísa and her crew made me feel welcome, included, equivalent, although they are professionals.
It was a great feeling of acceptance. I want to continue on this journey and do more shows.”

“I do hope that this really important work will continue. There is a lot of research to be done on women who suddenly or slowly lose their identity. And don’t understand what is going on.”

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Ólöf Ingólfsdóttir -Iceland

"Participating in When the Bleeding Stops has been a delightful journey, empowering and inspiring. It has been great fun and sharing the dance with all these women creates a warm sense of community and togetherness. Dancing in When the Bleeding Stops has helped me reconcile with my ageing body and accept the inevitable changes."

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Sølvi Dahle - Norway

“It became very meaningful to participate in this project- days filled with joy of life. This experience gave me an inner power and my nervousness disappeared.”

“I had this feeling of belonging, being in a community with all those lovely ladies.”

“That weekend has strengthened me, and my heart carries it on. To be able to participate in something that is true!”

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Ósk Ebenesersdóttir -


"One of the best decisions I have ever made was when I decided to participate in the dance piece "When The Bleeding Stops". I went way outside my comfort zone but the rewards have been amazing!"

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