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 © Owen Fiene


Víðsjá, RÚV, National Radio of Iceland, 26th of November, 2021


What began as a woman's story had now become the joy of all women and the beauty of aging bodies, bodies that hold so much history and wisdom and sources, bodies to be seen. At the same time, the work was a celebration of the feminine within us all, but it was obvious when the lights were turned on that the work had a great impact on people of all ages and all genders”.

“But it is precisely the simplicity that makes it effective, stories that cry out in a huge context. The work deals with the inevitable desire of man to dance. It's about the feminine and about the story that lives in the body. The work manages to highlight the unspoken and invisible, which we did not know we missed until it stares at us and demands to be acknowledged”.

                                                                                    Nína Hjálmarsdóttir gur-sem-hropa-inn-i-gridarstort- samhengi


Halldóra Geirharðsdóttir - Actress and Professor
at The Iceland University of the Arts

"My experience following the show was so overwhelming that I ran to my car where I cried uncontrollably. The show awakened within me a connection between my matriarchs and me, at the age of 54, and how we are pushed aside when we have never been more powerful."

Brynhildur Guðjónsdóttir - Artistic Director
of the Reykjavík City Theatre

"When the Bleeding stops is a beautiful performance, a touching revelation, defying our preconceived notions of the female body, and celebrating it in all its varied forms. The subject of menopause has been taboo for long enough and here it is approached in a beautiful way, turning the event into a touching work of art." 

Birna Hafstein - Chairman of The Association of Icelandic Artists in the Performing Arts and Films

"A glorious oath to women where midlife crisis is celebrated. A wonderful, current and liberating piece, performed with humour, warmth and energy."

Valur Freyr Einarsson - Theatre director and an actor
at the Reykjavík City Theatre
"It is a very honest and intimate show about a sensitive issue, which is strangely hidden in the modern society even though 50 % the population has do deal with it. Lovísa shares this very personal journey with us in a very warm and charming way. From the very opening of the show she embraces all of us and leads us on a surprising, wonderful, funny and exciting journey of Menopause. Who would have thought that was even possible. I am a 53 years old male and I was thrilled, I even embraced my own menopause, which is even more taboo. It is a heart warming and sensitive show that really celebrates life and makes you appreciate all the little wonderful things you got going for you."
Eliza Reid - Writer and the First Lady of Iceland

"When the Bleeding Stops is an entertaining, refreshing, and revitalizing look at a topic that, even today, is too often hidden and shamed. A feel good, celebration of the beauty and power of middle age."

Lilja Alfreðsdóttir -Icelandic Minister of Culture
and Business Affairs

"When the Bleeding stops is such an inspiring work as it is funny, exciting, and innovative. Not only is it enjoyable to watch it and the dancer great, the work also sits with you and empowers women!"


Ósk Ebenesersdóttir



"One of the best decisions I have

ever made was when I decided

to participate in the dance

piece "When The Bleeding Stops". I went way outside my comfort zone but the rewards have been amazing!"

Screenshot 2022-08-29 at 18_edited.jpg

Sølvi Dahle - Norway

“It became very meaningful to

participate in this project -

days filled with joy of life. This

experience gave me an inner

power and my nervousness disappeared.​ I had this feeling of belonging, being in a community with all those lovely ladies. That weekend has strengthened me, and my heart carries it on. To be able to participate in something that is true!”

Sølvi Dahle.png

Sidsel Rosen - Norway


“The happiness hormones, the

endorphines, the serotonin have

been spread throughout my body

during this menopause project. I dance every day now. I decided to join this project firstly because I have always loved dancing and having turned 64, I was really afraid that I couldn’t enjoy this discipline anymore. This was due to the arthritis, the osteoporosis, the hip surgery, the nowhere to go to dance in my age, the social expectation of a 64-year-old lady to behave stereotypically.”

“Well, the best feeling of all now is the joy of living. And, having less pain, through dancing, my creativity is flourishing. Lovísa and her crew made me feel welcome, included, equivalent, although they are professionals. It was a great feeling of acceptance. I want to continue on this journey and do more shows. I do hope that this really important work will continue. There is a lot of research to be done on women who suddenly or slowly lose their identity. And don’t understand what is going on.”

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